Jess Milanes
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Fertility Coach | Podcaster | Infertility Warrior


Are you ready to leave behind the confusion of trying to get pregnant?

What if I told you that trying to conceive didn’t have to be stressful?

Imagine not feeling so alone.

I help women end the stress and enjoy their fertility journey!

As a little girl I was told that the first time that I would have unprotected sex, I would get pregnant. Family, teachers, and health professionals warned me of the dangers of unprotected sex as a way to protect my innocence. So when I started trying to get pregnant, I was blown away that it didn’t happen on the first try. 

The apps, the basal body thermometers, the ovulation prediction kits, and the stress was overwhelming. Each month when my period would come I would feel a wave of disappointment and shame wash over me. Was I not meant to be a mom? Am I that unhealthy? Am I the only one?

As I began to open my eyes, I realized that there are millions of women out there in the same situation as me. Women who have been told that it will be easy to get pregnant. Women who were stunned when they didn’t conceive on the first…second or even third try. Women who want to be mothers so badly that they feel like their body is betraying them. 

You are not in this alone. I am here to help.

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