Jess Milanes
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Podcaster | Infertility Warrior


How often have you felt all alone?

Like no one else knows what you’re going through.

Yeah, me too.

It wasn’t until I started sharing my story of infertility that other women came out with their stories of struggle too. It instantly made me feel less alone. The burden was no longer mine alone to carry but shared among millions of women around the world.

I knew once I felt that weight lift from my shoulders, that I had to do something to help other women. So I started a podcast to help women share their stories.

Since it’s inception in April 2019, I’ve featured over 25 women who have shared their stories from infertility to eating disorders and everything in between.

Women have so much knowledge to share and it’s my privilege to help spread their knowledge in hopes it will help other women worldwide.


I help women tell their health stories and bust the stigma around women’s health!

Do you have a story to share?