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Fertility Coach

Jess began her journey as a fertility coach as she was trying to get pregnant. She realized that society is doing a disservice to women by perpetuating harmful stories about conception by making it more confusing yet shallow than it felt. Jess is committed to changing how women around the world experience their fertility journey and make it fun instead of stressful!


I was told when I was a little girl that if I had unprotected sex once that I would get pregnant. Teachers, family, doctors…literally everyone in my life warned me of the dangers of an unwanted pregnancy. No one ever told me what it would be like to try to get pregnant.

There’s the apps, the basal body thermometers, the ovulation prediction kits, and the stress that came with tracking everything. I was tracking everything but I still wasn’t pregnant. Each month when my period came a tidal wave of shame and disappointment would wash over me. Was I just not meant to be a mom? Am I so unhealthy?

I decided to change things up and release the stress that came along with my fertility journey. I slowly began to add healthy routines into my life and strip away the unhealthy ones. I knew there were other women out there like me. Women who had been told that when they wanted to get pregnant it would be easy. That everyone gets pregnant on their first try.

Guess what?

That’s not the norm and I’m here to help.


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