The trials of trying to conceive
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Today’s guest, Vanessa Vernaza, is a fellow TTC sister. She talks about her personal journey of trying to conceive, a surprise diagnosis, and what she wished she knew about getting pregnant. Vanessa’s heart shines in this episode and if you want more of her, be sure to check out her podcast: Something’s Gotta Give: Dying to Live While Trying to Conceive! The link is available below.  

In this episode you will learn about:

  • How to not feel so alone when trying to conceive

  • The most misunderstood thing about trying to conceive

  • How joining a community can change your life

Jessica Milanes
The question you should ask about your goal weight
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Today’s episode is so powerful! I’m speaking with Karen Finney on all things emotional eating, goal weights, and the blurred lines of disordered eating. Her practical advice wrapped in sharp wit and a loving heart will leave you wanting more. You will laugh, you will cry, you are going to fall in love with this woman!

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The question you should ask yourself about your goal weight

  • The blurred lines of disordered eating and health

  • Why the body bounce back after kids is a lie


How to thrive with Candida
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On today’s episode I’m interviewing health expert, Jennifer Merchant. Jennifer Merchant had never planned on being in the Health industry but through a series of health issues she discovered holistic healing techniques that have reduced the severity of her endometriosis and candida and is now using those techniques to help other women not only survive but thrive! Tune in to find out more!

In this episode you will learn about:

  • What an Integrative Health Practitioner is

  • The impact of your diet on your overall health

  • What are the most common vitamin deficiencies


Carrying for others: a take on surrogacy
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I am so excited to introduce today’s guest, Kelly Flynn! Kelly is an amazing soul who goes above and beyond in serving her community. She was a single mom who felt a nudge that there was more to life and decided to become a surrogate to support families who cannot carry their own children into the world. Through that experience, Kelly learned more about the surrogacy process and felt it could be improved. So she has started a surrogacy and egg donation agency with a friend who also was a surrogate. In her spare time, Kelly is growing a PR agency for wellness businesses. This woman is a POWERHOUSE you will not want to miss this episode!


  • Instagram (PR Agency for Wellness Businesses): @curationconsulting

  • Instagram (Surrogacy journey): @making.4.babies

  • Instagram (Surrogacy agency): @hatched

  • Facebook:

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Stop Waiting! Live your life!
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In today’s solo episode:

I give an update on my fertility journey - I’m seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist

My soapbox topic of the week! Hint: Stop waiting and start living is the theme!

Book Review of The Women Code by Alisa Vitti

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How being your own advocate can change your life
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Today’s guest is Dr. Sarah Roseberry, DC. When Sarah was 17 years old she was a professional ballerina (so cool!). While dancing, she broke her hip and was given two options: surgery or chiropractic care and physical therapy. She chose to heal herself via chiropractic care and physical therapy which changed the trajectory of her life. Within 2 months, she was dancing again and knew she wanted to be a chiropractor. In this episode, she shares valuable insight on what chiropractic care can do for your body, her own health scares and the importance of being your own advocate. I hope you love as much as I do!


Jessica Milanes
Real Talk: Women's Health & Fertility
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Hey guys!

In my first ever podcast episode, I share about how I came up with the idea to create a podcast all around women sharing their stories of health. I believe that the more we share openly about our health experiences that it reduces the stigma around having them.

I have some amazing guests and episodes lined up for you guys! From the woman who had 5 miscarriages and discovered that she had thyroid cancer while trying to conceive to a woman who left a high paid and high power corporate job because she was burnt out.

This is a place where you find your tribe. You are NOT alone in whatever you’re dealing with.

Jessica Milanes