Carrying for others: a take on surrogacy

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I am so excited to introduce today’s guest, Kelly Flynn! Kelly is an amazing soul who goes above and beyond in serving her community. She was a single mom who felt a nudge that there was more to life and decided to become a surrogate to support families who cannot carry their own children into the world. Through that experience, Kelly learned more about the surrogacy process and felt it could be improved. So she has started a surrogacy and egg donation agency with a friend who also was a surrogate. In her spare time, Kelly is growing a PR agency for wellness businesses. This woman is a POWERHOUSE you will not want to miss this episode!


  • Instagram (PR Agency for Wellness Businesses): @curationconsulting

  • Instagram (Surrogacy journey): @making.4.babies

  • Instagram (Surrogacy agency): @hatched

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