Endometriosis, IVF, C-Sections, and Infertility with Dr. Jennifer Mercier

Dr. Jennifer Mercier is an author, former midwife, functional medicine doctor, and creator of the Mercier Therapy. When she was in college, Jennifer was on the path towards becoming a RE. After working at the local fertility clinic, she realized that there was another way to help women become pregnant. So Jennifer followed her heart to massage therapy school and created the Mercier Therapy. Jennifer has helped women conceive children all over the world through her practice. You guys are going to LOVE HER!

In this episode you will learn about:

  • What is Mercier Therapy

  • Why you should think about scar tissue in your pelvic region if you’re trying to conceive

  • How to prepare for a medically assisted fertility program

  • Why Mercier Therapy is for every woman


Jessica Milanes