Infertility, Loss, and Healing through storytelling

Everyone processes life’s challenges differently. Maybe you prefer to process your struggles with another person. Whether it be a spouse, good friend, or trusted counselor, having a shoulder to lean on and a willing ear to listen might be exactly what you need to make it through to tougher times. 

Or perhaps you take a more introspective approach. Quiet time alone or reflecting in a journal can be the perfect tools for coping during difficult seasons of life. 

If those methods don’t work, maybe you need to find another path to handling life’s hurdles, a strategy unique to you. Maybe try exercising, painting, or, dare I say, comedy? 

It might sound strange to suggest that comedy could be a means of working through life’s challenges, but for my podcast  guest, Meirav Zur, comedy was the perfect outlet. 

Not long after Meirav and her husband were married, like many married couples, they begin to dream of building their family. They pictured the kids they would raise and the adventures they’d have as a family. 

Only, when they began trying to conceive a child, it didn’t work! So they tried again and…still nothing. Throughout the months of trying, Meirav did conceive twice, but those two pregnancies ended in miscarriage. As anyone who has experienced miscarriage knows, it’s devastating to finally conceive a much hoped for child, only to lose them shortly after. 

Meirav and her husband began to explore fertility treatment options, beginning with hormone injections. However, in a unique twist, just before the treatment was scheduled to begin, Meirav conceived and gave birth to a healthy little girl. 

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end to Meirav’s infertility journey. When it came time to try for a second baby, once again she found herself struggling to conceive. She tried everything from hormone replacement therapy to in-vitro fertilization...but nothing worked. 

As the months rolled by, the burden of infertility got heavier and Meirav needed a way to process her own emotional journey, as well as clue her friends and family into what she and her husband were going through. 

This is where comedy comes in. I bet you were wondering when that was going to come up? An actress and playwright by trade, Meirav took all of her thoughts, feelings, frustrations, and disappointments surrounding her infertility journey and she did what she does best...she wrote a play. 

Inconceivable: The Totally True One Woman Semi-Fertil Quasi Musical is a comedic yet remarkably vulnerable spin on infertility, and specifically on Meirav’s personal journey. Through writing and performing this show, Meirav has found a therapeutic outlet for herself and a way relatable way to connect with other women experiencing infertility. 

If you are walking with infertility (or handling any significant life challenge, for that matter) take a page from Meirav’s book and find a therapeutic outlet that works for you! Not sure what that could be? Here are a few reflection questions to get you started: 

  • If you could take a break from the burdens of life and plan an ideal, carefree day, what would you do? Who would you spend time with? 

  • When experiencing something difficult, how do you want the people in your life to support you? 

  • What habits give you energy and leave you feeling refreshed? 

  • What habits increase your stress?

To hear more of Meirav’s story and to find out how you can order tickets to her show, coming to New York this fall, head over to my podcast and take a listen!

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