Natural Remedies For Period Pain

Every woman understands the annoying struggle of the menstrual period. We know what it’s like to have purses filled with tampons and ibuprofen, and to strategically avoid wearing your favorite white dress on certain days of the month. If you ask another woman if she has an extra pad or tampon, you’re likely to get the same sympathetic nod, that says “I get it sister.” 

Periods can vary from woman to woman, in length, frequency, and symptoms. For many women, their period is typically accompanied with painful cramps that may last for a day, or in some cases, for the entire duration of their period. Many women find themselves spending 1-2 days per month, stuck at home with a heating pad, trying to ease their unbearable cramps. 

Helen Shi was one of these women. From the time Helen began her menstrual cycle, she had horrendous period cramps. The intensity of the pain often left her bedridden and vomiting.

Like many women, Helen never left home without bottles of ibuprofen and midol to combat the pain. 

Growing up in China, her mother, familiar with traditional Chinese medicine, would brew Helen a special herbal tea, designed to ease the pain of menstrual cramps. Acting as an anti-inflammatory, this tea made a huge impact on the intensity of Helen’s cramps. Helen’s cramps went from debilitating to nearly nonexistent! 

Helen found that she was able to manage her period symptoms without filling her body with the chemicals contained within your everyday painkillers. 

Historically, Chinese medicine takes a holistic and natural approach to healing the body. Unlike Western Medicine, who typically offer chemical based medications that have received FDA approval after rounds of clinical trials, Chinese medicine often treat bodily ailments with herbs or other types of food. These recipes have been perfected over hundreds of years and are passed down through the generations.

Helen’s tea, which is made with ginger and other herbs, is a perfect example. Women have been brewing and drinking this tea to combat period pain since the 1700’s. 

To this day, most women in China do not use over the counter painkillers to treat period cramps, because this traditional tea recipe is so prevalent and effective. 

Sounds intriguing, right? If you are anything like me, you are probably wondering, “How do I get my hands on this incredible tea?” Well, you are in luck! This traditional Chinese tea, which for generations has been the best kept secret of Chinese families, is now available for purchase worldwide. 

Helen’s company, Dr. Yang Tea, offers the tea in monthly subscription packages. What else comes monthly? Well, you guessed it! This tea will be conveniently shipped each month to your door, just in time for Aunt Flow to arrive. 

To hear more about Helen’s story and how she went from a college girl with horrible period cramps, to a successful business owner easing period pain worldwide with her life-changing tea, check out my latest podcast episode. Listen all the way to the end for a special discount code for ordering your first month of Dr. Yang Tea.

At home remedies for period pain
Natural Remedies for Period Pain
Natural Remedies for Period Pain
Jessica Milanes